Administration Building

The administration building is one of the original St Jakobi Lutheran Parish buildings and is listed under the National Trust.

Occupying this building is:

Main Reception
Principal’s Office
Business Manager's Office
Sick Room
Staff technology suite (photocopying/ Faxing/ preparation area)


This year we have 8 classrooms
Foundation                        Miss Amanda Connor
Year 1                               Mrs Caitlin Robinson
Year 2/3W                         Miss Courtney Wood   
Year 2/3N                          Miss Megan Nappa

Year 4/5P                          Ms Gabriele Pisano

Year 4/5LS                        Mrs Sarah Lowke and Mrs Jenna Schaefer

Year 6/7LA                         Mrs Vivienne Ahrens and Mr Ian Lange

Year 6/7A                           Mr Paul Adler

Multipurpose Hall

The ‘Valley of Hope Centre’, an initiative of the Building the Education Revolution Stimulus. The centre hosts the following:
Computer room
Multipurpose Hall (Available for hire)
Student Bathrooms
OSHC Facility
Meeting Room

Canteen Kitchen

The Valley of Hope Centre is available for community hire.  For enquiries, please contact the the front office.

Sporting Complex

Located on the western side of the school are:
2 tennis courts
Basketball court
Netball court
Cricket pitch and oval
Recreation oval


This centre is avaliable to all children in the community. Opening hours are from 7:30am to 6:00pm.

Vacation care is also available but book in early. Please visit the Parents Information page and click on the OSHC Facility tab for enrolment package and vaccation care plans.

For further information please contact Mr Wilder Bhraunxs-Caballa OSHC Director at OSHCdirector@stjakobi.sa.edu.au