Limited Enrolments Available for 2022

Please call Childcare and ELC on 08 8524 5395 to discuss your needs


Welcome to St Jakobi Campus Childcare and Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is an extension of the Childcare Centre and runs our Universal Access program for children in their year before school. We accept enrolments for children for the 6 terms before they begin school. We offer a mid-year intake to align with children who are beginning school mid-year.

The Early Learning Centre is open from 8.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and school holidays.

Before and after session care is available through the Childcare Centre as part of our service from 6.30am until 6:30pm Monday to Friday and is included in the fee structure.

For our current fee structure, please click below.

Fee structure


We encourage children to be responsible for their own learning through choices in experiences, interests and routine. We use conversations, actions and play as the basis for teaching which involves the children being partners in teaching by seeking out ideas, opinions, thoughts and questions. We encourage children in promoting their independence and self-help skills by assisting within the routine and involving the children in interest based projects to further enhance their learning and knowledge. We value children and family input and encourage family involvement in order to gather a comprehensive and holistic view of the child.


Meals and Nutrition

At our Service we understand the critical importance of nutrition for your child. For this reason we are committed to the provision of fresh, high quality, nutritious meals for all children.

Children in the ELC are provided with all snacks and lunches. Children have the opportunity to develop the self help skills they will need for school including being able to unwrap their food and dispose of rubbish and being responsible for their own belongings. Meals are prepared by the service's in-house fully qualified Chef and are delivered to the Early Learning Centre. Children with Allergies or intolerances are catered for.


Transition to school

One of the benefits of transitioning from Childcare to ELC to School at St Jakobi Lutheran Campus is that the process is smooth and familiar for children. We encourage interaction across sites so as children move from Childcare to ELC or from ELC to School they know what to expect. Children in the ELC participate in many activities at the school such as Library visits, IT and TED opportunities, P.E Lessons, Japanese lessons, buddies, electives and chapel. We help facilitate transition by assisting parents with school pick-up and drop-off. We are also able to offer care in the ELC for children once they have started school for their non attendance day in the first few weeks. Please see our office staff to help arrange transitions visits.


ELC Intakes

If your child is turning 5 before the 1st May they are eligible to start school in Term 1 of that year.
Children who turn 5 after the 1st May are only eligible to start school in the following year. However, St Jakobi Primary School offers students a mid-year entry. If your child turns 5 after the 1st May and before the end of Week 3 in Term 3, they are eligible to start school in Term 3 at St Jakobi. Your child will receive 6 terms of Foundation year level.

The ELC supports these intakes by also offering 2 intakes, one in Term 1 and One in Term 3 each year. 

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