Foundation to Year 6


St Jakobi (Foundation – Year 6) prides itself in the effective delivery of the Australian Curriculum for its students.

The Australian Curriculum describes the core knowledge, understanding skills and capabilities students should learn as they progress through school. Our staff use the Australian Curriculum to:

  • Plan student learning
  • Monitor and assess student progress
  • Report student progress to parents
  • Support student wellbeing

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Staff at St Jakobi come from a diverse variety of backgrounds and educational contexts. However, they support each other and work closely to ensure all children can experience success in their own individual ways. Staff value each other’s skill set and contributions across campus life. St Jakobi strives constantly for self-improvement through regular and ongoing professional learning opportunities based upon best practice and research. “It takes a village to raise a child” African Proverb. 



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All teaching staff are required to undertake accreditation to teach Christian Studies via Lutheran Education Australia.

Christian Studies provides a safe and supportive context in which students can reflect on their experiences of the world and on their own beliefs and spirituality. 

The Christian Studies classroom is a place where:

  • teaching and learning occur in a supportive, inclusive and safe environment
  • learners are engaged in intellectually challenging experiences that actively involve them in pathways of inquiry and constructing their own meanings