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The canteen follows the “Right Bite” nutritional guidelines, which is a visual guide that shows where certain foods fit within healthy eating. It is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents and The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE).

The canteen offers an extensive range of salads, wraps, hot and cold food with handmade food as an added option.

Canteen days are Mondays and Fridays with the menu changing between Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter. Order bags are available in classrooms and at the front office however you can also order online. See how to download the App below. 

Please see the current menu below.

For more information regarding the ‘Right Bite’ guidelines click here

Order Online

You can now place canteen orders quickly and simply from home. Simply download the QKR App by following these instructions.  

Canteen Summer menu Term 4 2023 & Term 1 2024

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Canteen FAQ's


Can my child still bring notes/coins to purchase canteen menu items at recess and lunch?

Yes, they can. We are still strongly encouraging they do bring cash to continue working on their money exchange, social skills and confidence in a safe environment.


Can I still order using the brown paper bag with cash inside?

Yes. We will be running both the brown paper bag and QKR! App concurrently for the foreseeable future.


I don’t feel comfortable saving my debit/credit card details on the QKR! App. Do I have to do this?

No, you don’t. There is an option to save details however you don’t have to save details which will allow you to enter your card details every time you use the app.


What time does my order need to be in by using the QKR! App?

Orders need to be completed by 9am on a canteen day for regular menu. If you are ordering the teacher special of the week for the Friday, please ensure that your orders are in by 5pm on the Wednesday before.


How will my child get their recess if I have ordered on the QKR! App for them?

Your child will get a voucher with their name and what they have ordered delivered to their classroom just before recess. They will then bring that voucher to the canteen in exchange for their food ordered. Lunch orders will be sent in the lunch box tray at lunch time.