Parents & Friends

The St Jakobi Parents and Friends Association (P&F) was formed in 1957 and is still going strong today.

The P&F aims to provide a general forum for parents and friends to participate in the school and provide support to the Campus Council. Fundraising is an important part of the role of the P&F, with school events such as Sports Day and some community events bringing the P&F and school community together raising funds for the benefit of the students. The P&F also runs successful Mother's and Father's Day stalls at the school, and are known throughout the wider community for their famous hot donuts.

The P&F gives back to the school community in a number of ways by purchasing extra school equipment such as the Year 6 outdoor bean bag furniture, large LEGO and K'Nex sets for classrooms, café style outdoor furniture for parents and students to use as well as providing support for the school canteen ensuring they have the equipment they need to provide the best service and food for the students.  

The committee meets once a month at the school, meetings are light-hearted and are a great way to get to know fellow parents and contribute back to the school.