At St Jakobi School, we place great emphasis on children being competent within the three 'R's', as well as equipping them with the knowledge to use technology.

Technology is seen as an integral tool for learning in the 21st century and at St Jakobi we have an integrated computer program for all curriculum areas with its foundations firmly based on the importance of Literacy and Numeracy.

Each St Jakobi classroom boasts an Interactive Whiteboard to complement our dedicated resource / computer suite that is accessed by children of all grades.

A full and comprehensive academic program, designed to equip students for life in the 21st century and with an emphasis on the individual child and their unique learning styles, is based upon the framework of the National Curriculum and encompass the eight key areas of learning.


 Subjects offered at St Jakobi are:

·         English

·         Mathematics

·         Science

·         Technology

·         Information Computer Technology

·         Society and Environment

·         Health and Physical Education

·         Language Other Than English -Japanese

·         Christian Studies

·         The Arts


We invite you to call in or phone to make an appointment to discuss our approach to the key areas of learning using the inquiry method of teaching and learning.