Class Carers

From time to time families within our school community are in need of support and encouragement whether it is in a physical, emotional or spiritual sense. Each of us can be affected differently in times of joy, sickness or trauma. It is how we support each other during these times that show how well we emulate Christ’s commission for us to ‘love one another’. As a Christian school community this system seems to be a natural extension of the formal learning process for our children as we seek to support families in a Christ-like manner.

The Aim of a Class Carer is:

  • To provide Christian care and understanding to school families
  • To be a point of contact for  new people into the class/school
  • To provide practical support in times of crisis, sickness etc

Each term a class is selected to help provide meals for the situations listed above.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss ways in which you could help, please to hesitate to contact to front office.

 St Jakobi Recipe Book.pdf
 Food Handling for meals.pdf