Strategic Plan

For the most part of 2018, Campus Council along with a range of important stakeholders from the St Jakobi Lutheran Campus community have been busy shaping the future vision and direction of the campus for 2019-2021, encompassing Birth through to Year 6.

From the initial stages of developing a new strategic plan, it was identified that both sites were entering a phase of change and progression. This is an important acknowledgement that will have far-reaching benefits for the whole campus community. It is vitally important for St Jakobi Lutheran Campus to maintain not only its strong presence in the southern Barossa, but also relevance in the big picture of education in the greater-Barossa region.

Through identifying our Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats, Campus Council have identified short, medium and long-term goals to the end of 2021. These goals will see a clear vision as to what needs to be achieved across four key areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Human Resources and Operations
  • Infrastructure, Administration & Finance
  • Business Development & Community

As a family, you will discover St Jakobi Lutheran Campus has adopted a new vision and mission statement which has culminated in a new catchphrase across the campus – ‘Partnering with You and Your child’. What will change you ask? The love and care given to your children through staff, the community and its educational programs will continue however, how we go about these will be measured and intentionally carried out to benefit the education and wellbeing of the children in our care. 

From a historical perspective, the school started Southern Barossa Community Childcare Centre in 2008 as a separate entity to the school to support a growing number of working families in the district and to support enrolment numbers at the school. Since its inception, SBCCC has managed its own operations and finances and this will not change moving forward. However, the two governing councils merged and have been meeting as a combined Campus Council since 2013, overseeing general operations and governance for both sites.

Campus leadership, in partnership with the Campus Council, are accountable to and for these strategic priorities moving forward. We commend them to you and would like to thank the many parents who were involved in this process throughout 2018 as well as staff for giving their time to make St Jakobi Lutheran Campus an even better place to learn, grow and achieve.

Strategic Plan