Enrolment Information

St Jakobi School is currently conducting interviews and school tours for enrolments in 2017 and beyond.

We believe that St Jakobi School has much to offer, and for parents / caregivers who want their child to experience a St Jakobi education the Principal invites you to contact Reception, who will arrange to have a prospectus forwarded. This can then be followed up by an appointment with the Principal and a school tour. It is highly recommended that, if possible, prospective families lodge their interest as early as possible. The best time to tour the school is during class time to see the school in action.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Prospectus package

Please read the prospectus below for an insight into the ethos and values here at St Jakobi Lutheran School.


Enrolment Form

Please print and submit your completed enrolment form to:

St Jakobi Lutheran School

PO Box 138


Or alternatively please drop in to Reception. Thank you

 New Enrolment Application.pdf

Extra Curriculum


Term 2 2011 035.jpg


Konnichi wa! At St Jakobi Lutheran School, all students learn Japanese.

Our Japanese curriculum is based on selected Integrated Studies subjects and the three interrelated strands of language learning, as outlined in the South Australia Curriculum Standards and Accountability Frameworks:


Understanding language

Understanding culture

Communication is further divided into the four sub-strands of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In 2011, students have participated in a myriad of activities to introduce and or further develop their understanding and appreciation of Japanese language and culture. Creating art and origami based on traditional techniques; singing; playing games; learning to write their names and construct simple sentences; self-introductions; writing haiku poems; exploring historical and contemporary Japan; learning about body parts, clothing and transportation; investigating endangered Japanese animals and places of interest, in addition to folktales, festivals and participating in introductory Judo and Karate sessions lead by local, qualified instructors, are examples of our dynamic Japanese program.

セントジェイコ 学校日本語でたのしいです!

At St Jakobi Lutheran School, Japanese is fun!

Learning Support (Special Education)

At St Jakobi we understand that not all students progress at the same rate or by the same path.  We value each student's learning journey and presently employ 3 part-time Learning Support Officers (LSOs), spread throughout junior and primary classes, to support them in their learning. This support varies from classroom assistance, small group work or individual student support. The level and type of support is directed by the teachers.

We support students with learning difficulties and are also presently running a Gifted and Talented group as well.

Often students, and even adults, do not realise how important their role is in their own learning. All too often we rely solely on others to teach us. If on the other hand we understand how we learn, we are then empowered to be a part of the process of gaining knowledge and understanding, and use others to facilitate our learning.

Our aim is to help students learn how they learn and to use this knowledge to set them up for success in their learning.


Assembly is held every second Monday, on the even weeks of the school term, at 2:30pm.

Each week members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) will arrange and run Assembly, with one class rostered on to share either a display or performance regarding their learning. This is also time to celebrate students' personal achievements in and outside of school.

Parents and friends are warmly invited to attend.

After School Sports

Active After School Sports is an outside school hours sports program which provides a range of quality sports and physical activities, for all age ranges, under the supervision of school staff.
Each session runs for 1 hour over a 7 week period each term and is led by a qualified sports provider sourced from the community, who are often members of a local sports club or  community organisation.


The emphasis is on providing fun and challenging physical activities, particularly for children who do not engage regularly in sports or clubs outside of school.

Some of the sports offered by St Jakobi in the past include:
·         Archery
·         Athletics
·         Dance
·         Soccer
·         Netball
·         Football
·         Circus skills
·         Tennis
·         Martial Arts
·         Basketball
·         Softball
·         Baseball
·         Cricket
·         Hockey


The program is FREE to all St Jakobi students and a healthy snack is provided at the conclusion of each session.