History of the School

In the 1840's early settlers with an eye for the future began educating their children in a school held in the church building on the dry flood plains at Hoffnungstal. Even then, this school knew the importance of nurture and vision, educating the children in life skills and the Christian faith using their native German language. In the 1860's, after the flooding of Hoffnungstal, the church, and hence school, moved to its current site 1.5 km from Lyndoch.  When the new St Jakobi church was built in the early 1900's, the old church  became a dedicated one teacher, multi-grade school, known as ‘St Jakobi Lutheran School’.

St Jakobi was closed for a short period around the time of the second World War due to its' German connections and heritage.  2010 marked the 75th anniversary of the re-opening of St Jakobi after the war.

St Jakobi now boasts facilities and programs that capture the vision of its early forebears. It is a school for the whole community, committed to a wholistic approach to education. A proud school, with good reasons to be so.
St Jakobi School is, was and always will be, a ‘Caring School for the Future’, a school that is constantly lifting its eyes to see and meet new possibilities; a school that you can be proud to be a part of.
Come and visit the school through these pages and see for yourself what makes St Jakobi so special. Or better still, make the time to visit the school and experience St Jakobi first-hand.